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Yaraslav's Workshop

where good old Carpentry traditions of the past were carefully preserved for the future. Construction is our craft and we dedicate life for it.


Renovations are a fun part of your construction stages. We here at Yaraslav's workshop love to improve homes to the full potential using helpful tips from old carpentry traditions.

New Builds​

The way of construction we provide is combination of modern fashion in design and choice of materials but according to traditional carpentry secrets combined with old school traditions to make right energy help you in life. The whale structure is oriented to a certain part of the World. The most important elements of your home are the main entrance, your bedroom and the office, if working at home. Locating them correctly helps to achieve a better health and it attracts more wealth as well. The height of the studs is critical for your comfort, so consider it too. Doing the traditional way of Carpentry can charge the studs with positive and uplifting energy. This will give good feelings and vibe to your home and you. People been using the science of construction and knowledge of properties of building materials for thousands of years to gain well being while you are home, so why not to use them now?

Small Commercial

We have alliances with several commercial construction companies and we build our reputation as providers of quality craftsmanship.

Repairs and spruce ups

Sometimes all the dwelling needs to gain new life and previous glory is a bit of passion, love, repairs and new fashionable color.

Our team associates are hand picked.

In our journeys we have come across may different trades.

Therefor we have hand picked the best that work with us.

This includes:

Landscape design and build


Project management


Plumbing & gas fitting


Plastering interior / exterior


An eye for detail and quality so we are always on top of our associates.


Here in alteration we love the challenges that come with modifications to existing or extensions. We can combine it with the adjustment of the dwelling to bio magnetic fields of Southern Hemisphere. Our believes are that we haven't lost the unique touch to how our ancestors had been building for may centuries. We like to offer a more stress less way of construction.

Functional Outdoor Living

We all have a front or back yard, but are they really serving you well? We can make them not only aesthetic but functional too with helpful tips from Domostroy, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui adapted to New Zealand geographical conditions. Then you can have something looking sharp and outstanding. Also it will bringing maximum energy from any side of the world you need to lift your well being.

Creating ​Shops

If clients wish to have ambitious design shop - it's not a problem for us. We take it as a challenge. Why not if it is fun :)

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