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Positive Healing effect of Renovations

Renovations and its verities, as alterations and extensions, we heard about them heaps. Some of us have experienced them and watched them on TV as well. But our eyes can see only the material part of it. It’s pretty much like ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images. But what do renovations actually do to you?

The majority of us have experienced a walk through a new or just remodeled house. It’s a certain type of filling inspired by a combination of looks and smells from new materials, appliances and facilities, mixed with unbeatable fragrance of fresh paint, a touch of silicone and carpet. But this is just a visual part. The filling and healing part begins when owners move into the premises using all its potential. When everything is in the right place and fully functioning, the owners experience the joy of their dreams of having things set up as they want come true.Those fillings lead to Happiness which has an uplifting therapeutic effect on the physical body. It was scientifically proven that our body performs better when our mental state is up. That’s why most building materials have a manufacture warranty of fifty years, so they can be changed to new ones later. This improves the performance and bringsthe dwelling to its previous glory. Any exterior products that have to be painted or stained, in our climate conditions have to be redone between five to eight years, depending on manufacture specifications. After certain time application products will give up their appearance and weather protection abilities.

If your home hasn’t been renewed for more than twenty years it could be a right time for it. It will not only provide with a new modern look but a new life too. Don’t forget that we spend a big part of our lives in those premises and make them our Home. It feels like it sounds – warm, cosy and comfortable. No matter what Nature has for you outside, it should always be good at Home.It’s place to be after a long journey or day of work, to relax and recharge your energy. This way the bedroom becomes an important room too. As a fact, in average we spend almost half of life sleeping. The better your sleep, more fresh you will feel next morning.

Our home is like a vehicle. If you drive it without replacing oils, coolant and parts it will be out of order sooner than one has been looked after. Exactly the same thing happens to our houses. Maintenance in a timely manner inside and out will massively increase its durability and performance. If you leave it to run down then the value of the property will follow same direction but repair costs go the opposite way and hit the bill.

The old traditions of construction and maintenance such as Domostroy, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui tell us same thing. The essence of them is based on wisdom and a tight connection with Nature. They been performing for a while around the globe and have influenced on other traditions of house making. The main principals still remain the same – after certain time, especially for new owners, the whole structure is recommended to be changed or remodeled to reboot the full potential of the house for new occupants. If your home regains spiritually it will influence on you and your family, increasing the comfort of the mental state. When your Spirit goes up it drags everything with it, including your Heath and Wealth. But there are many other aspects that can help achieve the same such as the roof pitch, main entrance, colours of external doors, main gate, front and back yards etc. Don’t forget that your Home is a footprint on Mother-Earth so therefore properly maintaining it will only give you Happiness. You have nothing to lose but only to gain.

Studying the New Zealand construction industry we came to conclusion that the love for Carpentry was lost. Craft was replaced as“just another job”. The attention to a client’s wishes was redirected to money. Speed increased by short cuts dropped the quality. No passion, no pride.

Been obsessed with carpentry and challenges provides that we came out with idea of having it as our hobby and helping people to achieve their dreams, associated with any type of construction at the same time. That was the main reason of creating Yaraslav’s Workshop. It’s a mobile workshop that can come to you and help with any carpentry needs in traditional way. Blessing the land and creating Harmony is part of the deal. We will listen and help you to make any key decisions. Then any project becomes a fun game instead of worries.

Another unique service Yaraslav’s Workshopoffers while renovating or building you a Dream Home is placing hidden positive massages in the most attendant locations. If you choose to know them we will provide the floor plan with their locations and descriptions. Otherwise we’ll keep it secret. In psychology they are called subliminal messages. Experiments show that they have more power than obvious ones. The naked eyes cannot physically read them but the mind can. We can place them at the back of the gib or on studs and dwangs depending on their sizes. Do the list too and we will be happy to apply them for you. The purpose of those messages is to lift the Spirit up and achieve your wellbeing in the most easy and natural way.

Our workshop can transform your outdoor living as well. We have good professional relationships with a landscape artist and a draftsman/engineer. Instead of a standard boring front and backyard we can create you something not only aesthetic but functional too, so you can have full potential from your small piece of Mother-Earth.

We are out of the ordinary and proud of our Craft. The carpentry ambitions of ours can be challenged. We have outstanding relationships with every client and we are happy to provide with references if needed. Our workshop can deal with council if the work involves having any inspections.

Yaraslav’s Workshop

We take care of your carpentry dreams and leave quality with happy memories of us.

Let’s the Sun shine on You!

In this lecture Dr Prabhat Poddar explains main principles of Science of the dwelling or Vastu Shastra. Ancient tradition of construction been based on knowledge in Geo-biology and physical properties of building materials. Now we have new approach to old traditions with modern science. Lecture is in two languages.

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